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Are you a women in her 20’s or 30’s feeling overwhelmed; struggling with chronic pain, anxiety and depression looking for answers to overcome your chronic illness? You want to apply the Medical Medium protocols to start taking the next steps in your healing. You want answers to apply healing through nutritional guidance and spirituality, you are in the right place.

There offer 5 different programs to HELP YOU HEAL

Program 1

1:1 and coaching to help you overcome chronic illness with food and spirituality.

This session is for you if:

-you are a women in her 20 & 30’s looking to overcome chronic and mystery illness with information from Medical Medium.

-You want to learn how to heal from within with food and spirituality.

-You want to connect with your spirit guides, angles or higher source and receive messages that are relevant to your current life situation

-You want steps that you can start taking today to heal with food.

-Life is just getting very overwhelming as you’re moving through tough lessons and you’re seeking clarity as to why this is all here a from a higher perspective and how to move through this for your individual highest

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If you are signing up for the first time as a nutrition client please make sure to book your initial consultation and than you will be sent an email to fill out a form to provide the best health analysis.

Program 2

Beautiful Soul Emerging is life changing 90 Day Transformational group coaching program. This program typically takes place 2 times a year & is limited to a very small group of five women by application only. This program is specially designed to combine Medical Medium protocols, spirituality, self love practices and techniques to change your life in the deepest profound way. We also discuss techniques for overcoming trauma.

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Program 3

Customized Meditation and Healing Session. We will hop on a call for 55 minutes and than I will go to a quite space and create a customized meditation based on your needs. It will be delivered to your inbox within 7 -14 business days.

I am a gifted lightworker that connects with source and your spirit guides to bring you the most transformational meditation for your healing. It’s unlike anything you have ever experienced.

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Program 4

Lastly, I offer a transformational meditation bundle for those of you want to start one of my programs. This is a set of 3 meditations to connect with your higher self. Once your order is completed you will receive the meditations via email.

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Meditation Bundle

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