Heal with Janet

Heal with Janet

Are you a women in her 25 -45  feeling overwhelmed; struggling with chronic pain, brain fog & anxiety looking for answers to overcome your chronic illness? Spirit wants me to remind you that you are not here by accident.


1:1 and group coaching to help you overcome chronic illness with food and spirituality.

This session is for you if:

-you are a women in her 25 -45 s looking to reverse chronic and mystery illness with information from Medical Medium.

-You want to learn how to heal from within with food and spirituality.

-You want steps that you can start taking today to heal with food.

-Life is just getting very overwhelming as you’re moving through tough lessons and you’re seeking clarity as to why this is all here a from a higher perspective and how to move through this for your individual highest

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Heal With Janet


Hi Everyone, my name is Janet Prado I am a Certified Holistic Health coach that has been helping women with their health for over 10 years.

I am passionate to helping women heal from within. Combining spirituality and good nutrition to heal at the deepest level. I integrate the wisdom from Medical Medium which incorporates food and supplements to reverse a variety of symptoms.

In 2020 I got really sick and had extreme brain fog that I lost my job. It was one of  the most embarrassing moments of my life but I took it also as a sign & blessing to move in a new direction in my life. For many years I was struggling with extreme knee pain after multiple surgeries and after the doctors told me I would never walk again, I said, “Watch me!”

I am now in a much better place with my health and ready to start providing coaching 1:1, groups and families. I live here in the Los Angeles area and want to start providing in person sessions to have that human connection again after all of us coming out of an extremely hard pandemic. I feel that we need 1:1 connections with other human beings. 

I also have a podcast called Happiness From Within where you can watch or listen to incredible stories of how others healed at a deep level. You can book a session below either via zoom or in person if you live here in the Los Angeles area. If you are a group of women and want to do healing sessions or nutrition consultation please reach out to me at [email protected] or you can book a session below. 

I specialize in helping women with:

Reversing chronic illness, healing a fatty liver, migraines, head aches, weight loss, chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions, anxiety, depression, brain fog.

Empowerment Session Get out of your own way and heal. You are a womann in the process of looking to find yourself because you have been through trauma and many difficulties. I can give you the tools you need to heal from within to take your power back again.


I look forward to working with you.